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Idaho Falls Drain Clearing

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Over time, you may find that your drains slow down or clog up from time to time. Considering the amount of soap scum, hair and other organic waste that passes through your wastewater system, it’s hardly surprising that this may eventually build up and cause your entire system to slow down, and even partially clog at times. It’s for this reason that Advanced Home Services offers comprehensive drain cleaning in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas, including Ammon, Blackfoot, Chubbuck, Driggs, Pocatello, Rexburg, Rigby, Shelley, St. Anthony, Sugar City, and Victor. We use only safe and effective techniques such as hydrojetting and drain rooters to ensure that your pipes are thoroughly cleaned but without the risk of damaging your system.

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Signs that You Need Drain Clearing

Considering the fact that you can’t exactly peer down into your drains to see what’s going on, it’s important that you recognize the signs that indicate a need for drain cleaning.

Here are some signs that you might benefit from drain cleaning:

  • Water takes a long time to drain from your sink, shower, or tub
  • You have noticed bad smells coming from your drains
  • Your toilet frequently backs up or needs to be flushed multiple times
  • Your drain is completely blocked and there is standing water in your sink, shower, or tub

If you want to make sure that your drains are cleaned properly, then come to us. You will have peace of mind knowing that our techs are experts in working with the rooter to safely and efficiently clear stubborn clogs.

If you notice that all of the drains are slow throughout the entire home, then this could indicate an issue with the sewer line, which we can also address.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Of the various benefits of professional drain cleaning, perhaps the most important is that your wastewater system will once again work as it should. That means no more standing in a pool of soapy cold water during your shower, not having to wait as the kitchen sink drains and not encountering problems with your dishwasher, toilet and other plumbed appliances. Another benefit is improving the longevity of your plumbing system as a whole by keeping it clean.

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Why Choose Advanced Home Services?

If you want to keep your drains in good working, then just let us take care of the details. Our exceptional Idaho Falls drain cleaning service ensures that your pipes work as long as they should and that your wastewater management system is reliable. When hiring a plumber to take care of your drain and sewer system, it’s imperative that you opt for quality above all else. Since our inception, we have developed a reputation for superior customer service and exceptional workmanship. We feel confident in our services and tools, such as the rooter we use to clear stubborn clogs, and so should you. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our drain cleaning service or we’ll come right back and get it right.

Call Advanced Home Services today at 208-745-9406 to schedule your appointment for drain cleaning in Idaho Falls.

Drain Clearing FAQ

How often should you get your drains cleaned?

As part of a your home drain maintenance routine, it’s a good idea to have your drains professionally cleaned every two years or so. If you notice a problem, such as slow drainage or a foul smell coming from your drain, the issue should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Are chemical drain cleaners safe for drains?

Many homeowners seek a quick fix for clogged drains by purchasing drain cleaning liquids at their local grocery or hardware stores. We want to warn you that using these drain cleaning chemicals is not the best solution. Here are just a few reasons we caution strongly against them:

  • These chemicals are toxic. The chemicals used in drain cleaners can injure your skin or irritate eyes.
  • They damage the lining of the pipes. These chemicals are also highly acidic, and they can damage the lining of the pipes, which could even make it more likely for clogs to return.
  • Drain cleaning chemicals are not very effective. Drain cleaning chemicals dissolve obstructions, but most of these can only handle a few common sources of clogs (hair, for example, but not all foods), and only those close to the drain opening.

Are there any natural home remedies for clogged drains?

Nothing beats a professional drain cleaning service, but there are still some things you can do at home to minimize drain problems. You can try periodically flushing your drains with one cup of baking soda, one cup of table salt, and one cup of white vinegar. After letting it sit for a bit (the tougher the clog, the longer it will need to sit), flush with hot water.

What preventative measures can I take to avoid drain clogs?

Many drain clogs can be avoided by being careful about what you allow down your drain. For example, never put egg shells, fibrous vegetable peels, coffee grounds, chicken bones, or large quantities of starchy foods down your garbage disposal. Keep hair traps over your bathtub and shower drains. Never flush anything down the toilet that isn’t either human waste or toilet paper. And make sure to have your drains cleaned every so often to keep them running smoothly.

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Called Advanced Home Services to schedule a routine furnace cleaning. Stewart did a great job and even tagged all our gas and water line so we would know which lines to shut off in case of an emergency. He was very friendly and helpful. I will be calling these guys for any future plumbing and heating issues that may pop up.


When Robert C came for a routine check found a leak under my kitchen sink. He discovered the main source of the problem and had the time to fix it right away before it became worse. He did a fantastic job and went above and beyond what was required. He was very friendly and so helpful and did a fantastic job.

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