Hydro Jetting

Idaho Falls Hydro Jetting Service

Advanced Equipment for Drain & Sewer Clogs

If you have ever dealt with clogs, you have likely wondered about the best method for cleaning out drains. You may have been tempted to use the drain cleaners sold in stores. However, the chemicals used in these products are toxic to people and pipe material. Hydro jetting is a safer and more effective solution. This method requires a professional plumber with the right training and hydro jetting equipment. Advanced Home Services offers hydro jetting in Idaho Falls to clear the drains and help them stay clean.

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How Hydro Jetting Works

Hydro jetting equipment uses high-pressure water to clear clogs and clean the inside of the pipe. The hydro jetter has a motor that is connected to a tank of water to create water pressure of 3,500 psi. This high pressure is effective for powering through clogs to clear blocked drains and clean inside of drain and sewer lines to eliminate build up.

The hydro jetting process involves:

  • Putting a long hose with a nozzle attached into the drain or the clean out of a sewer line
  • The hydro jetter blasts water through the nozzle at about 18 gallons per minute
  • The nozzle directs spray in more than one direction to fully flush out the interior of the pipe
  • Clogs break apart and then flow down the system

In addition to clogs, debris and build up from the inner walls of the pipe is removed by the high-pressure water. This cleans the inside of the pipes, which helps prevent debris from building up in the pipe again and helps to preserve the integrity of the pipes.

The Importance of Professional Service

Hydro jetting is a job for a professional. The equipment is expensive and requires training to operate. The power of the water pressure requires training and safety equipment to prevent damage to the pipes and harm to the person operating the hydro jetting equipment. Our technicians have the training and experience to know which nozzles should be used for a specific job to ensure that your lines are cleaned properly and your pipes are not damaged in the process of hydro jetting in Idaho Falls.

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