Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning in Idaho Falls & the Surrounding Areas

Clearing & Preventing Clogs

The wastewater system of your home removes the waste from the drains and pipes and moves it through the sewer line and into the municipal sewer system. Advanced Home Services offers sewer cleaning services to keep your sewer line clear of obstructions and blockages. Our technicians use specialized equipment for reliable drain and sewer cleaning in Idaho Falls and throughout Southeast Idaho.

When Sewer Lines Need to be Cleaned

Sewer lines are underground and out of sight. For this reason, problems may not be immediately detected. There are some warning signs that indicate you may need to have the sewer lines cleaned. If you notice any of these signs, give us a call to schedule service.

The signs that indicate your sewer line may need to be cleaned include:

  • Clogs in More than One Drain – If a single drain is clogged, that indicates a problem with that particular drain. However, if multiple drains are having problems with clogging, it may be time to clean out the sewer line.
  • Foul Odors from the Drains – When a sewer line is blocked, sewer gas will come up through the drains, causing unpleasant odors in the home. When the problem is noticed in multiple drains, it is time to call for service.
  • Signs of Problems with Wastewater Flow – If you notice unusual problems with plumbing fixtures, such as flushing a toilet and having water come up the tub drain, there is probably a blockage in the sewer system.

You don’t have to wait until you are having these problems to schedule sewer cleaning service. Regular sewer cleaning can help prevent damage to your sewer line and maximize the service life of the line. Consider adding this to your list of regular home maintenance tasks to keep your sewer system operating as it should.

Advanced Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Our professional technicians use advanced equipment for sewer cleaning, including rooters and hydro jetting equipment. Hydro jetting equipment is fitted with nozzles that are configured to clean the sewer line without causing damage. This method cleans the sewer line using high-pressure water to remove clogs and obstructions, as well as removing build-up and debris from inside the line.

Our technicians are equipped to provide thorough sewer cleaning. Call (208) 269-9556 to schedule an appointment.