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Video Pipe Inspection in Idaho Falls

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Drain and sewer clogs are a nuisance, and sometimes the problem is quite serious. When your sewer lines cannot properly dispose of wastewater and sewage, you may risk potential health hazards from raw sewage backing up onto your property. This is something that no homeowner wants to think much about and something you should not have to deal with on your own.

The local plumbers at Advanced Home Services have all of the tools necessary to spot leaks fast, locate the source of a clog, and come up with a plan to fix a leak or clog with as little mess as possible. Get in touch today when you experience drain and sewer issues in Idaho Falls, ID, and we will use video pipe inspection to start off the process and get your drain and sewer system back to normal.

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How Can a Video Camera Pipe Inspection Help You?

A video pipe inspection involves the use of a camera snake that moves through the pipes so that your plumber can get a complete view of the pipeline. During the process, your plumber may discover the following:

  • Leaks: A sewer camera inspection can reveal the exact location of leaks so that your plumber can decide on the best method of repair.
  • Clogs: It helps to know the exact location of a clog before your plumber selects a tool to remove the blockage. Some tools are more suitable for clogs further down along the drain lines, while some are better for blockage close to the opening. Some tools break up debris to send it along through the sewer, while some are designed to pull out the blockage from the drain opening.
  • Tree Roots: When you suspect a sewer line clog, a sewer camera inspection may actually reveal a different type of issue: tree root infiltration. Roots grow naturally towards sources of water, which means they are likely to grow toward your sewer pipes and wrap around them in an attempt to hydrate.
  • Lost Items: One other reason people call plumbers for video camera inspections is after they lose a valuable in the drains. If you call soon enough, a plumber may be able to locate the item with a video camera and retrieve it.

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If you suspect a major leak or clog in your sewer line, call a professional for video pipe inspection right away. We have 24–hour service available in case of an emergency, and we will bring over our best equipment to find the issue and come up with a course of action for the repair. We train our plumbers to uphold the highest standards of customer service and to give you the level of quality and thoroughness you deserve to get your home back to normal.

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