Sewage Pump


Do you need a new sewage pump to complete your septic system? Does your older sewage pump system do an inadequate job of helping sewage to move directly to the septic tank? Do you want to make sure you work with clean, friendly plumbers when dealing with your septic system? If so, count on the experts at Advanced Home Services for sewage ejector pump services in Idaho Falls, ID. We offer all of the services you need for your sewage pump, including new installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Call a member of our skilled team when you suspect a problem with your sewage pump or if you want to put a new one in place. Our drain and sewer experts will make sure the pump is hooked up correctly and operates in the proper manner to help drain waste from your plumbing system.

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What Is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

For the most part, a plumbing system operates via two fairly standard concepts: pressure and gravity. Water pressure allows water to pour from the taps in your home, while gravity helps to send sewage along the drains and into the sewer. Sometimes, however, gravity is not enough to get the job done. If the sewage has to move uphill to reach your septic tank at all, you need a sewage pump to help it along.

A sewage pump, also known as a sewage ejector pump, works a lot like a sump pump. A pit is dug into the ground and the pump sits in this reservoir. As it fills up, a bulb is lifted (much like the inside of a toilet tank), and this signals the pump, which is powered by an electric motor, to switch on. An impeller creates the pumping action necessary to push waste out of the pit. Professionals must size sewage pumps to meet a home’s demands (based on horsepower), so be sure to trust an installation or repair to our experts when you need service in Idaho Falls, ID.

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Any installation or service of sewage and effluent pumps requires the knowledge of a trained professional. We can determine the necessary location of your sewage pump and make sure that it is fast enough to move waste at the rate necessary for your sewer system layout and household size. We employ professionals with the proper amount of experience to make the calculations necessary to ensure that every part of your sewage pump system is set up right.

When you want the services of knowledgeable experts for your sewage ejector pump, we are here to help. Call the friendly technicians at Advanced Home Services for more information about sewage pumps in Idaho Falls, ID. Our friendly customer service representatives can answer all of your questions and set you up with a visit from a plumbing professional. If your sewage pump system fails and sewage backs up onto your property, you can call us for repairs 24 hours a day.

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