Hybrid Water Heater

HYBRID WATER HEATER SERVICES IN IDAHO FALLS & All of the Surrounding Communities

Are you looking for a new water heater that uses less energy than the traditional storage tank model? A hybrid water heater may be the ideal water heater alternative for your home, so consult with professionals today to find out more. The water heater technicians at Advanced Home Services can help you find the best water heater to suit your needs. Just give us a call and you’ll get in touch with professionals who can tell you more about hybrid water heaters and offer professional maintenance, repairs, and replacement services for your home in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, Blackfoot, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Sugar City, Driggs, and Victor.

Advanced Home Services provides quality hybrid water heater services in Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (208) 269-9556 to schedule an appointment.

What Is a Hybrid Electric Water Heater?

You have most likely already heard of tankless water heaters, which do not need to store hot water in a tank, heating water on demand as it passes through the unit instead. This saves money over tank units which store hot water in a large tank throughout the day and use up extra energy to do so. However, tankless water heaters may take some time to heat the water up. Hybrid water heaters combine tank and tankless technology to keep a small reservoir of hot water available, a process which uses less energy than a large storage tank, while also heating up water on demand much like a tankless model.

Another type of hybrid water heater works a little bit differently. Hybrid electric water heaters combine the efficiency of a heat pump—essentially an air conditioner that runs in reverse to bring in heat—with the design of a storage tank water heater. A lot less energy is required to move heat than to produce heat, which is what makes these units so efficient. Ask the Advanced Home Services technicians to find out which type is right for your home in Idaho Falls, ID.

We Install & Service Hybrid Electric Water Heaters in Idaho Falls, ID

You may have already determined that a hybrid water heater is the right choice for you, so what do you do next? Make sure you trust in professionals for any installation or replacement job. Water heater installation is no easy task, no matter what type of system you choose. Your safest bet is to work with professional technicians experienced with many brands and models, like the friendly technicians at Advanced Home Services. We will be happy to talk you through the process and tell you all about hybrid electric or hybrid gas water heaters.

When you own a high–efficiency hybrid water heater, you want to keep it around for as long as you can. That’s where regular water heater maintenance comes in handy. Water heater maintenance helps to keep hybrid water heaters running efficiently and can even extend their lifespans. Hybrid electric water heaters must remain in good condition in order to run properly, and regular maintenance makes this possible.

No matter how well maintained your hybrid electric water heater or hybrid gas water heater is, you may still run into problems over time. If you notice that you don’t seem to be getting the same level of heating that you once did, call on the help of our experts. We will work to diagnose and repair your hybrid water heater as quickly as possible. Trust in professionals who care about your home comfort.

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