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Without the lines that move water throughout your home, you would not have a plumbing system. While water lines are built to last and remain reliable for years, they may be susceptible to a number of problems. This is especially true if you don’t allow a professional to install or service them for you. Poor quality craftsmanship or an incomplete job could leave you with an incorrect diagnosis, a huge mess in your yard, or even more difficult problems than you started with. When you want your water lines fixed properly, reach out to the experts at Advanced Home Services and make sure your home receives the finest water line services in Idaho Falls.

The professional plumbers at Advanced Home Services have always staked our name and reputation on your total and complete satisfaction. We follow local plumbing codes and industry standards to ensure that the pipes are properly installed, durable, and dependable. We use sophisticated leak detection tools and equipment, and every service we complete is done using the best piping materials available on the market for your total peace of mind. Whether it’s fixing a problem in a small line or fixing a serious leak or emergency, our team is the name you can count on for a dependable solution. We even offer water line replacements and whole-home repipes for when your water lines need a more intensive service.

Advanced Home Services provides quality water line installation and services in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas! Give us a call at (208) 269-9556 today.

When Should You Replace Your Water Lines?

Water line replacement may become necessary at some point during your home ownership, but you must know how to spot the signs that your pipes are in trouble in order to replace them as early on as possible. Water lines will only last so long—eventually the wear and tear of water flowing through your pipes will cause them to wear out, corrode, and fall apart. When they eventually do where out, your home could see a sharp spike in leaks, reduced water quality, and plenty of other issues.

Early leak detection can save you a lot of hassle later on, so look out for these telltale indicators of a leaky pipe:

  • Water spots around the perimeter of the home
  • Mold or mildew
  • Low water pressure in one or more faucets or fixtures
  • Dark spots on walls and ceilings

A technician can help you determine whether your pipes can be repaired or if replacing them is the better option. If a plumber sees that your pipes have begun to corrode and are showing signs of irreparable damage and age, then replacement is usually the only sensible option. As the years go by, your pipes will continually worsen in their condition, and that means an increasing number of expensive and tedious repairs over time. We recommend a whole-home repipe service when your plumbing lines reach around 40–60 years of age, although you should have your plumbing regularly inspected starting around the time it reaches 30 years of age.

What Should You Do If Your Water Pipes Leak?

Before calling a technician for water pipe repair services, you want to get the situation under control so that water does not flood your property. The first action you should take is to turn off your main water connection and stop the flow of water to your home. Knowing where the main water shutoff valve is located can help to prevent hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of property damages. You can also have a plumber install an automatic shutoff valve which works to detect leaks fast and shut off the water automatically, even when you are not home.

The next thing you’ll want to do is call a plumber to schedule a repair for your water line. At Advanced Home Services, we offer comprehensive repairs for all types of plumbing lines, including copper lines, plastic materials like PEX or PVC, steel lines, and everything in between. No matter how old your plumbing might be or how serious your leak, you can count on us to complete your repair quickly and correctly. We’re even available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advanced Home Services is here to help you when you have a problem with your water lines! Contact us today.