Pressure Tanks


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If your water comes from the public water supply, the city is primarily responsible for maintaining the water pressure so that water can flow from your faucets with ease. If you have a private water supply, the water pressure is provided by a well pump on your property. And in order to keep the pump from needing to cycle on and off every time you turn on a faucet, most private well water supply systems also have a pressure tank.

The pressure tank stores pressurized water so that the pump does not waste energy cycling on so frequently. This is a vital part of your water supply system, and it should last for many years with very few problems. However, your pressure tank may need to be replaced at some point during your homeownership. Or you may find that you have trouble maintaining the water pressure in your tank. When you need pressure tank installation, replacement, maintenance, or repairs in Idaho Falls, call our experts.

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How Well Pump Pressure Tanks Work

Today’s well pump pressure tanks work a little differently than they once did. Several years ago, pressure tanks were essentially just air storage tanks. As water entered the tank from the bottom, it compressed the air inside which in turn created pressure. Many homes still have this type of pressure tank a part of their well water systems. But it can cause a lot of problems. Eventually, the water in the tank just absorbs the air, forcing the pump to turn on every few seconds anyway.

Today’s pressure tanks store the water in a bladder made of vinyl or neoprene instead. The air is outside of the bladder only so that it cannot be absorbed by the water. As the bladder expands, the air compresses, and this pressure on the bladder is what allows the water to come out of the tank at a high pressure. Once the pressure in the tank becomes too low, a switch turns on, and the pump activates to add water to the pressure tank again. We recommend that you replace your tank if you still have an older model, especially if you notice poor water pressure and a pump that cycles on too frequently.

Pressure Tank Installation & Service in Idaho Falls, ID

We offer well pump pressure tank installation and service from professionals you can trust in Idaho Falls. Don’t let an amateur take on this job. It requires an experienced professional to make sure that the pressure tank is securely in place on your property and that you understand how to maintain it properly. And the right professionals to call for any plumbing services in the area are at Advanced Home Services.

From the pump to the tank to the pressure switch, we can make sure that every component of your water supply system is in good condition. Just give us a call to schedule installation or service, and we will give you the next available appointment. Our friendly technicians are committed to the quality of their work and to providing excellent service.