Duct Replacement


When an air conditioner or heating system fails to deliver enough air to the rooms of the home, most people assume that the problem lies within the system. But if you have an old set of ducts, it’s possible that they are responsible for your discomfort. Dilapidated air ducts, or ductwork that suffers damage due to faulty installation or other issues, prevent the air from reaching your living space. And you end up paying to run your air conditioner or heater even though it cannot deliver a sufficient amount of airflow to one or more rooms.

Eventually, any set of ducts requires replacement. And if you find that your HVAC system could benefit from a complete replacement of its ductwork, give us a call. Advanced Home Services offers duct replacement and repair services in the Idaho Falls area. We are happy to take a look at your ducts if you suspect a problem, and provide services that will keep your ductwork functional for many years to come.

Advanced Home Services offers duct replacement services in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, Blackfoot, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Sugar City, Driggs, and Victor. Call us at (208) 269-9556 today!

Are Your Ducts in Need of Replacement?

The ducts may not have moving or electrical parts, but they can still cause a lot of trouble if they suffer damage. Air ducts can start to break after many years of air pressure or due to problems with the original installation. Here are some signs that you may need to replace your ducts:

  • No airflow: If you cannot feel any air coming from the vents in your home, but you hear your blower fan running, you can assume that the ducts are the problem.
  • High energy bills: Broken ducts force your HVAC system to work a lot harder, which may result in higher monthly bills even though your system is not keeping you very comfortable.
  • Differing room temperatures: Temperatures that vary from room to room are a good indication that one portion of the air ducts is in need of repair or replacement.
  • Poor indoor air quality: Leaky or broken ducts may allow contaminants from an attic or crawlspace to get drawn into the ductwork and to flow into your home.

Why Shouldn’t You Replace the Ducts on Your Own?

We strongly recommend that you leave any work on your HVAC system to the professionals. Duct repair and replacement is not a simple job. Accessing the ductwork is hard enough, as is locating all of the proper tools for the job (which can end up costing you quite a bit). Leave any portion of the new ductwork unsealed and you might end up paying too much on your energy bills. Leaky ducts are a major source of energy loss for the typical duct system, and it’s difficult to ensure they are secure without any previous experience working on HVAC systems.

Trust the ductwork specialists at Advanced Home Services with duct replacement in Idaho Falls. Our HVAC technicians have the expertise to replace and seal your ducts with quality equipment that will hold up for years.

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