UV Germicidal Lights


There are many ways we go about trying to prevent illness on a daily basis. We wash our hands throughout the day and try to get in as many vitamins as we can. We go to the doctor for regular checkups, and we do our best to work in a good amount of physical activity. But you have a lot less control over some of the factors that can contribute to poor health.

The air that you breathe in every day may be full of contaminants, some of which can make you sick. And the indoor air quality may even be much worse than the quality of the air outside of your home. As air circulates throughout your duct system, it pushes out pollutants like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, which can make you sick or affect your allergies. One of the best solutions for these types of airborne contaminants is a UV light air purifier. Call the Idaho Falls indoor air quality specialists at Advanced Home Services to learn more or to schedule an installation today.

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How Germicidal UV Lights Help You

Ultraviolet light kills and sterilizes tiny organisms on contact. But don’t worry; they will not cause any harm to your family members as long as they are installed correctly within your heating and cooling system. Take a look at our list of some of the things a set of UV lights can get rid of.

  • Viruses/Bacteria: These can spread illness quite easily, as long as they are alive. After they pass through the UV lights, they are killed and sterilized so that they are no longer harmful to breathe in. This may reduce instances of the common cold among members of your household, and even prevent influenza.
  • Mold Spores: Mold spores can be especially harmful to people with asthma and allergies, but they can affect the health of those without preexisting conditions as well. Since conditions within an HVAC system can make it easy for mold to develop, a UV air purifier is a useful addition to any whole–home system.
  • Odors: UV lights can even help to eliminate odors, like pet odors or smells produced from cooking.

Call Professionals for UV Air Purifier Installation & Service in Idaho Falls

If you decide that UV germicidal lights are right for your home, make sure that you only allow a professional indoor air quality specialist to install them for you. They must be secure within the HVAC system in order to eliminate the majority of the contaminants that pass through. In addition, it can be difficult to tell when your UV air purifier is no longer working, so routine maintenance visits from a technician allow you to find out when the lights need replacement. Get in touch with our team for new installation, replacement, repairs, or routine HVAC system maintenance. We care about your health and the quality of your heating and air conditioning system, so make Advanced Home Services your source for all of your home comfort needs.

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