Water Filtration Systems


Do you have concerns about the quality of the drinking water in your home? You have a number of options for healthier water, such as using a filtration pitcher or resorting to bottled water. However, neither of these is a good long–term solution: a filtration pitcher is limited, and bottled water is both expensive and creates massive amounts of plastic that ends up in landfills. A much better solution to provide your household with clean and healthy water is to install a whole–house water filtration system. Then, no matter what faucet or tap turns on in your home, you’ll know you’re receiving water with the unhealthy contaminants removed.

Advanced Home Services is here to help you with installation and service of the right whole house water filtration system in Idaho Falls, ID. We have the skill, experience, and products to see that you have a filtration system that’s matched to your needs and which will not interfere with your plumbing system. Give us a call today for service.

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Types of Home Water Filtration Systems

There are a number of different whole–house water filters available on the market. The one that will work for your home depends on the type of pollutants you need to have removed.

The most common kind of filter is the absorption filter. These are what people usually think of when they hear the term water filters: they consist of an absorbent medium, such as charcoal or granular activated carbon, that allows water to run through it but traps the unwanted pollutants. Absorption filters are effective at removing most particulate contamination, and also stopping chlorine, a common byproduct of municipal water treatment plants. However, there are some contaminants absorption filters do not affect, such as certain heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. A professional installer will assist you with seeing if an absorption filter will do the necessary job for your home.

Reverse osmosis filters are an incredibly effective filtration system that creates different areas of pressure inside the plumbing, which then forces incoming water through a semi–permeable membrane that can remove extremely minute particles. They are more expensive options than absorption filters, however.

Call Us for Whole House Water Filtration System Installation

Should you suspect that your home has poor quality drinking water, the first step to take is to call us to schedule water testing. This service will give you specific information about the pollutants in your water (arsenic, magnesium, bacteria, chlorine, etc.) and provide our water treatment experts the information they need to find the ideal water filters to clean your water.

We will then handle installing the new whole house water filter so that it works correctly and won’t have an adverse effect on water flow and pressure. You can rely on us for any other services you may require to keep the filters cleaning your water every day: the system will require occasional maintenance service and perhaps repairs. Advanced Home Services will see that you have the healthiest drinking water possible for your home in Idaho Fall, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, Blackfoot, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Sugar City, Driggs, and Victor.