AC Maintenance


Let Our Team Keep You Cool!

In the middle of summer, a broken down air conditioning system means quite a bit of discomfort while you wait for a technician to show up to your home. With a springtime inspection of your air conditioning system, you can find out about problems with your system that may need repair before the summer is in full swing. But it can be tough to predict when an air conditioner is near failure or suffering from a damaged component without any preexisting knowledge of HVAC systems. That’s why we recommend regular professional inspections and tune–ups of your equipment in order to prevent unexpected air conditioning system breakdowns. Contact our experts and see a potential improvement in the performance of your air conditioner, as well as a lower occurrence of issues in the summer.

Advanced Home Services provides air conditioning maintenance in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, Blackfoot, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Sugar City, Driggs, and Victor.

How AC Maintenance Helps You

Here’s why we recommend that all of our customers schedule an annual maintenance visit in the spring, no matter the age of their air conditioners.

  • Lower bills: After an air conditioning maintenance visit from a qualified professional, you may see your monthly bills drop due to an improvement in the performance of the mechanical components of the system.
  • Better performance: Additionally, you might notice that your home stays cooler and more comfortable after a technician makes adjustments to the dampers, cleans the coils, and tunes other components of the system.
  • Fewer breakdowns: An inspection of the unit may reveal problems that require immediate attention, but making these repairs ASAP rather than waiting for a system breakdown means a lot less hassle when the weather heats up.
  • Longer system lifespan: Finally, a maintenance visit reduces strain on your system, which may mean it can stick around for longer.

What Happens at an Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointment?

First, a technician will look over your entire system, inside and out. Your technician is searching for any signs that a part is wearing down or in need of an adjustment. They’ll test to ensure that all electrical connections are set up properly and safely. And they will inform you of any parts that need repairs or replacement.

A good technician will also follow up an inspection with an AC tune–up. During this process, various routine tasks help to keep the air conditioner running smoothly. This may include tightening electrical connections, adjusting loose screws, and cleaning the outside condenser coil.

Call HVAC Maintenance Experts in Idaho Falls

Give your local HVAC experts a call to schedule preventive maintenance from people who want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible this summer. Advanced Home Services’s heating and cooling technicians will carefully look over every portion of your air conditioner to see that it can get you through the summer as efficiently as possible. With lower monthly bills and the potential for a longer system lifespan, this service is well worth the cost, especially if you hire skilled technicians to handle the job thoroughly.

Contact our skilled HVAC technicians today by calling (208) 269-9556 to see a difference in the performance of your cooling system this summer. We service all types of air conditioning systems, including central AC, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits.