Indoor Air Quality


Are you worried about the quality of the air that your family members breathe each day? Advanced Home Services wants to help. We know that regulating the indoor air quality can be difficult, especially if members of your family have asthma, severe allergies, or any other condition that can worsen if they breathe in bacteria, viruses, mold spores, or other allergens.

In severe weather, poor ventilation means that such pollutants continue to circulate in our homes again and again. But you can clean the air as you run your heating and cooling systems with our indoor air quality system installations. Or, schedule duct cleaning, sealing, or replacement to reduce the amount of contaminants in your ducts. We offer a wide range of options for your home in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, Blackfoot, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Sugar City, Driggs, or Victor.

Advanced Home Services provides indoor air quality systems and services. Call us at (208) 269-9556 today!

Schedule Indoor Air Quality Service with a Professional

You want the very best when it comes to the products and services that keep your family members healthy. That’s why we recommend that you only entrust indoor air quality services with a professional technician. An IAQ specialist has the expertise to install a system like UV germicidal lights or an air filtration system correctly and to test and retest the system for quality.

Additionally, only select technicians who are qualified to clean the ducts. If you attempt air duct cleaning on your own, you may only make matters worse, kicking up contaminants so that they can move around the ducts with ease. Any duct service, from cleaning to replacement, requires the work of a skilled technician with the right tools.

Types of Indoor Air Quality Systems & Services Available

Looking for the right indoor air quality system for your home? Discuss your needs with the technicians at Advanced Home Services. We are familiar with the most common contaminants found in homes in the Idaho Falls area. We have a wide range of systems in stock, but we are also happy to install whatever type of unit you decide is right for your home.

We also offer duct cleaning service, which can help to eliminate contaminants like bacteria, dust, and mold spores from within the ducts. We offer complete duct replacement services as well as duct sealing and repair to improve the performance of your HVAC system as well as your indoor air quality. Take a look at our services!

High Output Germicidal UV Lamps

Are you looking for a fast, effective, and easy way to disinfect the air in your home? With airborne viruses and bacteria being a real concern, particularly with the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreading rapidly, people everywhere are looking for effective and affordable ways to improve their indoor air quality and make sure the air they’re breathing is truly clean. Your HVAC air filter is not sufficient to remove bacteria and viruses from the air—the gaps and holes in your average filter are far too large to trap or contain these microscopic biological organisms that can be only a tiny fraction of the size of the width of a human hair.

However, this is where a high-output germicidal UV lamp could be an outstanding investment. UV lamps output a strong and particularly harsh type of light, known as ultraviolet (or “UV”) light, that “sterilizes” the air passing over them by killing off these tiny organisms. UV light is particularly harsh, causing immense biological changes to these organisms as they pass through it. In addition to potentially killing them entirely, this immense amount of UV light can actually entirely disrupt the virus’s DNA, rendering them completely “sterilized” and making them essentially harmless.

However, not all UV light systems are created equal. Most standard germicidal UV lights don’t output the radiation levels necessary to adequately kill off the majority of bacteria and viruses that pass through them, making them essentially useless for all but only a small, select few types. A high-output germicidal UV lamp from Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is not one of these lamps. These specialized lamps use high-output bulbs that are 3.3 times as powerful as your average standard lamp. Plus they blast that radiation in a 360-degree circle around the bulb itself. Any and all air that passes through your HVAC system’s return vent passes through this lamp, and that means that any included bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other microbes included in the air will go through it as well. As a result, these high-power lamps are significantly more effective at cleaning the air in your home and preventing these viruses and bacteria from spreading or reproducing.

However, we should point out something extremely important: while these lamps are more effective than your standard UV lamps, they are not a guarantee that you will not become infected by a virus. All they can do is simply reduce the chances of being infected by one due to a virus floating in the air in your home. We strongly recommend using a UV lamp in conjunction with additional air filtration and following CDC-recommended guidelines for proper hygiene, cleaning, and safety throughout the most dangerous weeks or months of this global pandemic.

Learn more about installing one of our high-output germicidal UV lamps by calling the experts at Advanced Home Services at (208) 269-9556 today.

Air Filtration Systems

The common air filter might not be the best solution to your indoor air quality issues. Add in an air filtration system so that even smaller contaminants can exit your air stream—and more of them. But make sure you have professional technicians install it so that they can ensure the filter does not block your airflow.

Air Purifier

An air purifier may remove a large portion of the contaminants that pass through your ducts. We have electronic models, air filtration systems, and UV lights. And all of these can make your air a lot safer to breathe in if you have a forced–air heating and air conditioning system. Call to learn more!

Duct Repair

It can be tough to tell when your air ducts are not in good condition. A collapsed or damaged duct can make the rooms in your home cool or heat up unevenly, or it can raise your bills and make it a lot harder to get through the day and night comfortably. Duct repair is no job for a beginner, so call our experts today.

Duct Replacement

Duct replacement is a big job, so make sure that you work with friendly technicians you can trust. We offer quality services at fair prices, so your ducts are in good hands with us. Just give us a call to start the process of getting a brand new sealed set of ducts that delivers air to the home evenly and doesn’t result in a massive loss of airflow.

Duct Sealing

The majority of air ducts in the country have a surprisingly large amount of air leakage. Chances are high that this is a problem in your home, and that you lose a whole lot of the air your system heats or cools every time you run the HVAC system. We provide duct sealing services so that you don’t have to worry about wasting so much energy.

Air Cleaners

Call today to learn about our wide selection of air cleaners. Whether you want an electronic air cleaner, a UV light system, or a highly effective HEPA filter, we can install it for you. We also offer comprehensive indoor air quality system repair and replacement services, as well as routine maintenance of your entire HVAC system—including the air cleaner.


A humidifier is a useful addition to any HVAC system in Idaho Falls, especially in the winter. When the weather starts to turn cold, you are more likely to get ill. A humidifier adds moisture back into the air, which can stop your sinuses from drying out and prevent illness or shorten the length of your cold or flu.

Duct Cleaning

A thorough duct cleaning service eliminates contaminants that are harmful to inhale and keeps your ducts clear so that air can flow through them with ease. Schedule duct cleaning with qualified professionals every 3–5 years if you want to feel better about the air that your family members and guests breathe in.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Testing

Carbon monoxide detectors have a major responsibility: protecting you and all of your family members from dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. If you do not already have one of these lifesaving units on every floor of your home, give us a call. We can also replace an older CO detector or come to your home for routine testing.