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Sick of dealing with the frigid Idaho winter weather without having a furnace or heater to provide you warmth and comfort? Stop stressing about staying warm and call the Ammon heating and furnace repair experts from Advanced Home Services and get it fixed as soon as possible! Advanced Home Services understands the urgency of not having a reliable source of heat during winter—not only can it make your home cold and unwelcoming but also unhealthy. We can provide you with cutting-edge repairs and customer service that’s held to the highest standards available. When you’ve got a problem, we can get it fixed and get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

At Advanced Home Services, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted names in our community. We’ve proudly helped residents all around the Idaho Falls area get the service they need when their heater or furnace breaks down, and we always make your satisfaction our number-one priority. Whether it’s the craftsmanship we offer or the customer service experience we provide you with, we believe in being second-to-none, and we do everything we can to exceed your expectations. We’re so confident in our ability that we even offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on our services: if you’re ever unhappy, simply let us know and we’ll come to you and make things right at no cost to you! You can always count on us for high-quality repairs and name-brand components from leading manufacturers so you can get back to enjoying your home in warmth and comfort!

Need your furnace repairs? Give Advanced Home Services a call at (208) 269-9556 today to request a quote and get the services you need as soon as possible!

Trust Us To Fix Your Heating or Furnace Issue!

At Advanced Home Services, we don’t just fix your heating and cooling problems, we build relationships with our customers. We want to be the name you come back to again and again, and we build that trust by not only providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations, but doing so for any issue you may face in your home.

We can handle all types of heating issues, including:

  • Strange sounds
  • Odd smells
  • Lack of hot air
  • Overheating
  • Leaking gas
  • Broken blower fan
  • Ductwork issues

Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

When something goes wrong, one of the first questions that many customers ask us is whether or not they should repair or replace their furnace. Unfortunately there’s no straightforward answer—everyone’s home is unique and their furnace or heating solution is different. However, there are some general guidelines that may give you an idea. For example, if your furnace is old and breaks down a lot, then replacement may be a good idea in the near future. However, if you’re suffering without heat for now, a replacement takes time and a simple repair may be the better short-term solution. Likewise, newer systems or small issues may not necessitate a total replacement since the rest of your system is functioning well and in good shape.

Whether your problem is small or large, contact Advanced Home Services today and schedule your service to get it fixed!