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Advanced Home Services is Blackfoot, ID's trusted choice for a wide range of comprehensive plumbing services. If you need a plumber, be sure to give us a call today! We're available 24/7 to help with emergencies and look forward to serving you.

We offer a full range of plumbing services in Blackfoot, including:

  • Plumbing fixture repairs – Whether you have a leaky faucet or a running toilet, our plumbing team can help. We offer knowledgeable repairs on all types of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Our team can even help you select and install the right fixtures if it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Garbage disposal services – A garbage disposal can be a great convenience in the home. It is important, though, that your garbage disposal is installed and serviced by a knowledgeable professional like our team at Advanced Home Services.
  • Drain cleaning and rooter services – Your drains must be free from clogs if you want it to function properly. Fortunately, we are fully equipped with the right equipment to ensure that your drain cleaning services are a success.
  • Hydro jetting – You cannot rely on drain snakes and chemical cleaners to keep your pipes clear and operational. For a safer and longer lasting drain or sewer cleaning solution, our team offers hydro jetting services in Blackfoot, ID.
  • Septic tank services – If you use a septic tank on your property, you don’t need us to tell you how vital its impeccable performance really is. What you do need, though, is for us to complete your septic tank services. Contact us for reliable septic tank pumping and maintenance.
  • Sewer line replacement – You cannot see your sewer line, but you will know when it’s in trouble. Whether you need sewer line repair or replacement, you can trust us with the job.
  • Water heater installation and service – Do you need a water heater installation or water heater repair or maintenance? If so, you are looking in the right place. Call now for expert water heater services.

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When to Call for Emergency Plumbing in Blackfoot

Sometimes, trying to decide whether or not to call the plumber is like asking directions when you are lost: is it really time to do so? If you have a hard time deciding when to call for emergency plumbing help, here are some helpful tips from our Advanced Home Services plumbing experts:


If you have a boiler and you have no heat, not only will your home be uncomfortable from chilly temperatures, it can also put your piping at risk for freezing. While it may be tempting to try and figure out the issue on your own, especially if you have some working knowledge about boiler systems, this is not advisable. Why? There are multiple reasons for a boiler not working, and working with any system that uses combustion requires expert knowledge for repair – not just working knowledge. If you have found yourself with no heat, call your local Blackfoot plumber right away.


Sewer or septic issues are serious problems. Typical signs of a sewer or septic problem include multiple clogged drains or toilets at the same time, constant clogging problems and an ever-present foul odor. Finding where a septic or sewer problem is challenging as the problems can be deep inside your system, and repairing these kinds of problems takes a lot of work and expertise. If you choose to operate one of the specialized plumbing tools, you could break the piping, leading to a much bigger issue. The bottom line: always a hire a professional for a sewer or septic problem.


We all know that horrible feeling when we hear running water from someplace we shouldn’t: the sprung leak. The best thing you can do as the homeowner when you have a burst pipe is to shut off the water and call for help immediately. Pipes don’t spring leaks or burst spontaneously; some other problem has caused the pipe to leak or burst. It’s important to hire a professional so that he/she can find the reason for the burst or leaking pipe, and repair the pipe properly.

Water Purification, Softening & Filtration Services

You deserve nothing less than exceptional water. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your water quality. To achieve that level of water quality, though, you may need professional water treatment services. For a professional assessment of your water, call Advanced Home Services to schedule water testing. Depending on the results of the test, we can recommend the best water treatment solution for your individual needs.

Advanced Home Services can install the following systems in your home:

  • Water softener – Hard water may be common, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a serious issue. When minerals build up in your pipes, they can compromise the integrity of your entire plumbing system. Say goodbye to hard water problems with a water softener installation.
  • Water purification – We believe that clean, potable water is a right, not a privilege. That is why we are proud to offer comprehensive water purification services. When your water quality is subpar, you can count on us to rectify the situation.
  • Water filtration – Is your water full of pollutants? If so, we can provide you with the appropriate water filtration systems and services. Schedule service with our team so that you know the job is done right
  • Reverse osmosis Enjoy healthy, fresh-tasting water with an advanced reverse osmosis system, which can filter out heavy metals like lead.
  • UV systems – Using the power of ultraviolet light, UV water filtration systems destroy bacteria and other microorganisms to sterilize your water without the use of chemicals.

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