Common Sprinkler System Repairs

When the hot weather arrives in the late spring and summer, your home’s sprinkler system will become invaluable. An effective sprinkler system for your property lowers the amount of work you have to do to maintain an attractive lawn and garden and allow you to head off on a vacation with the confidence that the regular watering will still get done.

Even with the most advanced sprinkler system installed, you may still encounter malfunctions that will require professionals to fix them. Advanced Home Services can deliver the quality repairs for your sprinkler system in Pocatello, ID that you may need this spring and summer. We also install new sprinkler systems and upgrade aging and out of date equipment so that your lawn and property receive the best care possible through the hot months. Call us today for fast and reliable service.

Some of the more common repairs for sprinkler systems

Replacing damaged or broken piping is a frequent repair, although it is more common with older sprinklers that have aging and outdated piping material. Tree roots tend to burrow toward the moisture and warmth around sprinkler pipes, and they can infiltrate and break the piping, leading to leaking. If you notice water pooling on your yard in places where it shouldn’t be, you might need to have a broken sprinkler pipe replaced.

Another component of a sprinkler system that sometimes needs replacement is the sprinkler head. The sprinkler heads can pick up dirt and stones that will block them, although this is usually easy to clean. But if a sprinkler head becomes cracked or begins to spray water in bizarre directions, you will probably need a repair technician to replace it.

Advanced modern sprinkler systems use a control panel to operate and regulate them, and sometimes the trouble with a malfunctioning set of sprinklers originates in malfunctions in the control panel, such as dirty or corroded wiring. A repair technician will find out if the issues you are experiencing come from control panel malfunctions, and then provide the necessary repairs to restore the system.

We suggest that you schedule routine inspections to help maintain your sprinkler system before it starts working each year. Our technicians at Advanced Home Services are glad to help you start off the watering season with some simple checks that will help prevent damage from occurring. Give us a call today and we’ll see that your sprinkler system in Pocatello, ID stays in excellent shape for the rest of the year.