Schedule Heating Service Before Your Holiday Celebrations!

Are you fed up with a heating system that just does not make your home comfortable enough? Take care of the problem before you host a holiday gathering, and give your guests and family members a celebration to remember! Most heating issues require the attention of a professional technician, and many are open during the holidays, so call a local contractor today!

The sooner you schedule service, the merrier the holidays can be!

Your heating system is struggling to raise the temperature to an acceptable level, but it hasn’t become a huge issue quite yet. Perhaps you are still comfortable enough to get through the night, or maybe you use space heaters to supplement your heating system.

But this problem is not going to get better on its own. Trouble with a fan motor, problems with the ignition system, or a faulty safety switch are all serious issues, even if they only cause minor discomfort at first. Sooner or later, the parts of the system wear down. And eventually, your system becomes so worn that it may break down right when you need it—like in the middle of your holiday meal!

Schedule services ASAP, even if the problem is only a slight drop in temperatures or an unusual noise from the system. This helps you to get everything back to normal before the holiday season picks up so that you can enjoy your celebrations without the added stress!

Only trust professionals for heating repair, replacement, or maintenance

We know that many homeowners call around from company to company looking for the lowest price for heating services. Unfortunately, too many homeowners learn the hard way that a company advertising unbelievably low prices may not be a professional team. If a repair is not completed correctly, the system may only fail again later on, so be sure you have qualified contractors for any home service job. And schedule a professional maintenance visit before the season begins to keep your system running at its best!

Advanced Home Services is open during the holidays. In all your holiday fun, know that you can still count on us! We also have an $84 furnace tune-up special for residents of Rigby, ID and the surrounding areas. Call us for more details!