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How Heat Pumps Heat and Cool a Home

One of the most innovative technologies in home comfort is the heat pump. That’s because a heat pump is both a heating system and a cooling system. In our area, this type of system can be very effective for most of the year—and extremely efficient as a heating system in the fall. Read a little about how these systems work, what makes them so efficient, and whether you should consider installing one in today’s post.

Heat Pumps Are Air Conditioners—With a Twist

A heat pump is manufactured using the same technology as a conventional split system air conditioner. Like a standard air conditioning system, an outside condenser unit releases heat from refrigerant in the summertime, and the heat is absorbed from the home through the refrigerant as it passes through the indoor evaporator coil.

But in cooler weather, this process switches. Refrigerant changes direction with the help of some additional valves, so that it can absorb heat from the outside of the home and move it indoors, effectively heating a home even in very cool weather.

What Makes This So Efficient

A heat pump is an efficient system for heating and cooling because it transfers heat from one space to another, and it does not need to generate heat. Furnaces and boilers must create heat, a process that tends to use up a lot of energy. A heat pump can save you a lot of money, especially if you have an electric heating system in place now, and it helps the environment.

Is This a Good Choice for You?

A heat pump is not the right choice for every home, and you should always work with a technician before making a final decision. In the winter, these systems lose efficiency, and you may need backup electric heating elements in place in order to stay warm. Your technician will install these with your system if it is your only source of whole-home heating. For many homeowners, this is a minor consideration, and heat pumps are still a great option for heating and air conditioning.

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