Is Your Sprinkler System Functioning Properly?

When springtime comes and it’s time to start thinking about maintaining your lawn and garden once more, you might just assume your sprinkler system is functioning properly. And if you took the proper maintenance steps to prepare your sprinkler for the winter, there’s a good chance that everything is working out fine.

Of course, first you’ll need to figure out if something’s wrong with your sprinkler system, something we discussed in detail last week. We’ll go over sprinkler maintenance a bit more in today’s guide, so that you can keep your system in good condition.

How to Find Out

When you first turn on your sprinkler this year, you’ll have to slowly test it out, closing off ball valves and testing each zone individually to see where exactly the sprinkler is leaking from. Slowly filling each zone with water helps you to determine where it’s leaking from, and, though you might find after several minutes that there are no leaks at all, it’s worth it to have this peace of mind. This is one of the most important steps you can take for your sprinkler in the spring.

Don’t Use a Faulty Sprinkler

We recommend against using a sprinkler system that is leaking. One part of your sprinkler system might not get water to the entire area where it is supposed to, and you may have issues when flooding your lawn. Of course, there’s the matter of efficiency, as it’s good to do your part and keep your environmental footprint small. Call a professional to repair your irrigation system if you notice issues.

Keep Up on Maintenance

Even if your sprinkler is in good shape and nothing appears to be leaking, make sure you check on your system from time to time. Look for clogged nozzles and sprinkler heads, and don’t forget to shut down your system in the winter!

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