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Furnace Guidelines: Changing Your Air Filter

With how long—and cold—our winters are around here, our furnaces get their fair share of use. In fact, it’s likely that you probably use yours for about 6 months, when you figure you use it at least at night during the end of fall and start of spring. That being said, it’s vital that you properly care for this important appliance.

This care includes ensuring your furnace is cleaning, and regularly changing your furnace filter. Your furnace is a forced air system, and as it functions it picks up debris, dust, and other allergens and contaminants that can be distributed through your air. In addition, these contaminants can damage the interior of your furnace—that is, without a clean air filter.

So How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

Let’s start by saying that your furnace needs regular maintenance, preferably before its heaviest period of use. If you haven’t already had yours tuned-up for this winter, now is the time to do so. During this appointment, our professionals will fully inspect and clean your furnace, to make sure it operates as it should. We’ll also change your filter, if necessary.

However, changing your filter once a year is not enough. We strongly recommend that you do a monthly check on your filter to make sure it isn’t too clogged. Typically, an inexpensive panel filter made of fiberglass will need to be swapped out this often. If you’ve invested in the higher quality polyester pleated filter, then every 3 months during periods of use should suffice. Just remember to write the date of the replacement on the side of the filter as a quick reminder of when it was last changed.

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