Water Heaters and Scaling: What You Should Know

A water heater is a vital part of nearly any home, but it’s probably not something you think about often. In some cases, water heaters last for over a decade with very little maintenance. But if you have hard water, your water heater is likely to suffer from damages much sooner than you would expect.

Hard water affects the majority of homes

Chances are high that there is some level of hard water in your plumbing supply. You may notice that the problem is particularly pervasive if you see mineral deposits (scaling) on your drains and faucets, in the form of white or yellow residue. Some people claim that hard water dries skin or makes hair feel brittle. It also keeps soap from lathering and leaves spots on dishes. The same mineral deposits left behind on your drains and faucets also cause problems for your appliances.

Water heater tanks and that rumbling noise

If you’ve ever been around a particularly noisy water heater tank, it’s likely that it was affected by hard water. The minerals left behind in the tank settle at the bottom, and steam bubbles attempt to escape through it, which is what causes that rumbling noise. Eventually, the tank can wear down and pressure can build up, so you want to get the problem fixed even if you don’t notice an effect on temperatures.

Tankless water heaters are affected too

A tankless water heater can suffer just as much damage from hard water. Over time, minerals may build up and block the heating element, leaving you with cooler water and eventually becoming too caked on to do anything about it.

Schedule annual maintenance visits to prevent scaling from damaging the system

Call your local water heater professionals before you ever notice a problem (or as soon as you do). Professionals can see that your water heater is in the best condition possible, flushing the tank or managing the tankless heating element so that your water heater can last for many years.

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