It’s Time for a Midseason Furnace Tune-Up and Inspection

Scheduling annual heating services with a qualified technician can help to improve the state of your heating system so that it operates more efficiently for the upcoming winter season. That’s part of why technicians usually recommend furnace maintenance visits in the fall, and because the service includes an inspection to check for safety and performance issues.

Buy the middle of the season, you may wonder if it’s still a good time to schedule this service. Our answer? Absolutely!

An Inspection Gives You a Sense of Security

We’ve still got a lot of winter left here in Idaho Falls, and your furnace will be running for a lot of that time. You want to make sure that it operates smoothly and safely, and that’s why you should call a technician today—before the season ends.

Gas and carbon monoxide leaks are rare with new heating systems, but they are always a small possibility. A technician looks for cracked heat exchangers, flawed flames, and any other problem that may indicate a looming safety issue.

In addition, you’ll find out if anything needs repair. There could be an internal component struggling to run properly that was undetectable with normal furnace operation. When your technician informs you of a problem, you can schedule repairs soon rather than waiting for a sudden heating breakdown.

A Tune-Up Restores Efficiency

The technician may make some adjustments to the system, as needed. They might find that the blower components need cleaning or adjustment. They may notice issues with thermostat calibration or electrical connections that can be handled on the spot. Either way, you’re left with a heater that runs more smoothly than it did before, meaning it can save you more money for the rest of the winter.

Call Advanced Home Services for a midseason furnace tune-up and inspection in Idaho Falls. We are the standard when it comes to providing great service.