Starting Up Your Sprinkler in the Spring

It’s finally time to start up your sprinkler system! Hopefully, you took some time in the winter to properly shut everything down, but if not you can always call in professionals if you need repairs, and test your system to find out. Learn how to start up your home’s irrigation system in the guide below.

  • Make Sure the Ground Is Thawed – If the ground is still frozen, you might need a little more time before you can start things back up again. Check the soil with a shovel to make sure it isn’t rock hard.
  • See that All Valves Are Shut – Before the winter, you should have shut off all of the valves in your irrigation system. If one is still open, you’ll need to shut it before you can test the system for leaks.
  • Slowly Turn on Water – If you notice that water starts to leak from a valve, then it hasn’t shut off completely. Turn off the water, close the valve, and slowly turn the water on again. If something is leaking even though all the valves are shut, you’ll need to call a professional.
  • Open the First and Second Ball Valve – Very slowly. The first ball valve is the one closest to your home, and opening this charges the backflow device. Then, open the second valve which will charge your main sprinkler line. This will take quite some time, several minutes, possibly, and you want to listen for the sound of flowing water to stop. If you notice leaking, call in a plumber.
  • Check Each Zone – Once the line is charged and the valves are open, you’ll need to check each zone individually for leaks. Even if you have an automatic system, it’s best to manually turn on each zone individually and see that it’s working, discovering any leaks or sprinkler heads that may need replacement.

Call the Pocatello plumbing experts at Advanced Home Services for more information or for help with your sprinkler system if you experience problems.