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5 Signs You’ve Got A Hidden Water Leak On Your Hands

Another month, another high water bill. Why does your water bill continue to rise, even though you can’t recall using any more water than you normally do? You could be a victim of a hidden water leak — and that means water could be running ‘round the clock. But if you can’t seem to see water leaking anywhere, how can you tell if you have a leak? There are plenty of signs to be on the lookout for, and that water bill just so happens to be one of them!

1 - Pooling Water

Notice water pooling on your walls or ceilings? This is a clear indication that you've got a leak, but what might be surprising is where the leak is actually originating. Water has the ability to travel quickly and where you’re noticing the water doesn’t mean that’s where the leak actually is.

Water tends to hitch a ride down pipes, wood framing and even wiring which can lead to major disasters throughout the house. If you notice water pooling, it’s time to start searching.

2 - Dark Spots

Similar to pooling water, if you notice dark spots on walls or ceilings it’s another red flag. Chances are it’s not just your paint changing color or fading and if you don’t have small children who may have gotten a hold of the box of markers, you might have a leak.

Don’t take this warning sign lightly... It’s best to call in a professional right away, before things get even worse.

3 - Wet Grass

Does water seem to linger well after the rain has passed and the sprinklers have turned off? This is another sign that you could have a hidden leak.

Pay attention to areas of the yard that seem to be more moist, and stay wet longer than all of the other areas as well as any areas where grass and other vegetation seem to grow rather quickly. These are all signs that you might have an underground leak.

4 - Low Water Pressure

Experiencing lower water pressure in the bathroom or the kitchen that you haven’t noticed before? This could mean there’s a problem with a water line or that you do in fact, have a leak somewhere along the way.

Sure, water pressure may drop if water is being used simultaneously somewhere else in the house, but if that’s not the case, you could certainly have a leak on your hands.

5 - High Water Bills

Water bills do tend to rise during the spring and summer months as you use more water for things like irrigating the lawn and washing your car. With that said however, there shouldn’t necessarily be astronomical spikes in your water bill month after month, so if that’s the case, you might have a leak.

Still unsure of whether there is a leak in your water line? Schedule water leak detection today and a professional can determine this for you. Professional water leak detection gives you peace of mind that your plumbing system is in good condition, or allows you to discover leaks as early on as possible so that you can schedule the proper services for remediation. Our professionals have the tools to pinpoint the exact location of leaks, so you won’t have to guess any longer.

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