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How Hard Water Affects Your Skin

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that has a higher dissolved mineral content. Typically, the minerals most commonly found in water supplies are calcium and magnesium, but iron and trace amounts of other minerals can also be present in hard water.

Where does hard water come from?

Hard water is caused by groundwater flowing over or through limestone. When water falls to the ground as rain, it’s naturally soft. But as it continues through the water cycle, it may pass through stones and streams with high mineral content picking up minerals along the way.

Does Idaho Falls have hard water?

The ranges of water hardness throughout the state vary, but the average water hardness for an Idaho resident is around 128 PPM (particles per million). To get a sense for the scale measuring water hardness, the U.S. Geological Survey uses the following scale:

  • 0 – 60: Soft
  • 61 – 120: Moderately hard
  • 121 – 180: Hard
  • 180+: Very hard

According to the Idaho Falls water quality report for 2019, the water hardness level for Idaho Falls sits around 240 PPM. This is considered very hard water.

What are some of the effects of hard water?

Hard water affects many parts of your home and plumbing, but hard water can also affect the quality, feel, and appearance of your skin.

Dries out your skin

Hard water strips your skin of its natural moisture leading to dry, itchy, flaking skin. If your skin is already susceptible to skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, it can aggravate these issues and cause a flare-up.

Clogs your pores

Hard water affects soap’s ability to lather, increasing soap scum on your dishes, fixtures, and skin. Leftover soap scum blocks your body from releasing its natural oils, which in turn clogs your pores and can lead to acne.

Increases the appearance of aging

Collagen is responsible for building up muscle, skin, tendons, and ligaments and creates youthful-looking skin. One of the lesser-known effects of hard water is how hard water can increase the appearance of aging. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron (AKAe those most commonly found in hard water) can form something called ‘free radicals’. Free radicals are known to break down collagen, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Protect Your Skin from Hard Water

None of these issues are life-threatening, but the cost alone of dealing with constant acne, perpetually dry, or prematurely aging skin can be expensive. According to research from the Simmons National Consumer Survey, 25.3 million Americans used moisturizers, specials creams, or lotions on their face 14+ times in one week. According to a recent study, the average woman will spend approximately $3,756 on beauty products and skincare per year—this adds up to over $225,000 over the course of a lifetime!

What We Can Do for Your Water

installs and service quality Crusader Water Systems brand water treatment systems throughout the Idaho Falls, ID area, including filters, purifiers, softeners, and reverse osmosis systems.

Save money on your skin care routine and invest in the quality of your water! Call Advanced Home Services at 208-745-9406 to schedule a consultation and a water quality test today!

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