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The drains are an essential part of modern plumbing systems. Because drains work unseen, it is easy to not think about them until there is a problem. Unfortunately, neglecting the drains can result in the need for major repairs. Contact the experts at Advanced Home Services for drain and sewer repair in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas.

Signs of a Drain or Sewer Problem

A problem with a single clogged drain is easy to detect. However, problems with underground drain and sewer lines are more difficult to locate. Some common signs of a drain problem include foul odors, wet spots on your property, an area of the grass that is always wet or growing faster than the rest of the lawn, and problems with insect and rodent infestations. If you have a problem with a drain or any signs of a possible problem with an underground line, call right away to arrange repairs in Idaho Falls. Our plumbing and rooter professionals can identify and remedy the issue fast!

Preventing Drain Problems

An unexpected drain problem is inconvenient and possibly unsanitary. Fortunately, many problems can be prevented by maintaining your drain system. Drain issues often result from stress on the system, particularly kitchen drains. When people are not careful about what is put into the garbage disposal, it can cause serious problems with the drain system.

If you want to prevent drain problems, you should:

  • Always run cold water when disposing of food scraps in the garbage disposal
  • Put hard food scraps and fibrous foods, such as onion skins and corn husks in the garbage can
  • Avoid putting grease, oil, or fats in the garbage disposal
  • Have regular drain cleaning service to keep your drains clean

Whether you have a major clog, leak, or another problem with your drains, our technicians have the experience and tools needed to handle the problem efficiently and restore your drain system. Don’t wait too long to schedule service, as ignoring clogs and other drain problems allows the problem to continue to grow into a bigger issue.

Advanced Home Services is ready to deliver professional drain service to solve any problem. Contact us at (208) 269-9556 to schedule an appointment.

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