Garbage disposals present many benefits to homeowners. They simplify cooking and cleanup, and they also reduce the amount of trash in your garbage can. In fact, throwing food scraps in the garbage disposal can lessen your environmental impact, potentially reducing the amount of trash in landfills. Perhaps one of the most important roles the garbage disposal plays is protecting the pipes from blockage. When your garbage disposal no longer works the way it once did, replacement becomes urgent.

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When Is It Time for a Garbage Disposal Replacement?

Sometimes, homeowners delay garbage disposal replacement because it doesn’t appear to be too big of a deal. Unfortunately, this leaves your pipes open to some serious clogs that may be prevented with a well–installed disposal unit. Garbage disposals use centrifugal force to break apart food scraps, processing the food so that it is no longer a detriment to your drainpipe. Though clogs may still form over time (and annual plumbing maintenance is the best way to prevent this), you won’t have to worry so much when you have your new garbage disposal system installed by a professional.

Of course, you should call for professional replacement services when the garbage disposal stops working entirely. But you may also decide to schedule replacement if you’re not getting the performance you expect from your unit. If your kitchen sink continues to clog despite the fact that you use the garbage disposal properly, it may not be powerful enough to meet your needs. However, you may want to assess your garbage disposal habits before calling for a professional replacement. Make sure that you don’t put any non–food items into the garbage disposal, such as paper or plastic wrappers, and rip up larger pieces of food to make the job easier for your disposal unit’s motor.

Why Choose Professionals for Garbage Disposal Replacement?

A garbage disposal is a self–contained unit, which means that it may seem possible to handle installation on your own. However, the best way to ensure that the unit will run smoothly is by choosing a professional plumber for installation. Plumbers know enough about plumbing systems to make sure that the new garbage disposal will have a positive impact on the pipes.

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