Orangeburg Piping

Orangeburg Piping

Repairs & Replacements in Idaho Falls

If your home has Orangeburg piping, then you need to get it replaced sooner or later. Orangeburg piping is notorious for failing after only a few decades following installment, and it really not a plumbing option anyone should rely on today. At Advanced Home Services, we offer comprehensive Orangeburg piping, sewer line, and drain replacements to bring your property into the modern age of plumbing.

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What is Orangeburg Piping?

Orangeburg piping is creating using a mixture of pitch – also called tar – and wood pulp. It was re-popularized in World War II when iron and other metals became rare due to the extensive war effort. As you might guess, wood pulp and tar does not last long in a sewage system, and most Orangeburg pipes start to fail after about 20 to 30 years of use. The longest lifespan predicted for any Orangeburg pipe is just 50 years.

Since Orangeburg piping fell out of popularity again in the 1970s, any plumbing system that still has Orangeburg piping and sewer lines today is almost guaranteed to be at the end of its lifespan. A pipe failing could prove devastating for your home, causing a flood or leak that results in widespread water damage.

Signs that your Orangeburg pipes are breaking and need to be replaced:

  • Near-constant clogs or backflow
  • Water bill increase
  • Water pressure decrease
  • Water spots around your home or yard

Replacing is Greater than Repairing

In most cases, you cannot repair Orangeburg plumbing given that it will only fail again in time as the fibers break apart and the pipes are severely damaged. Instead, let our Idaho Falls Orangeburg piping experts replace the antiquated pipes. Using the latest advancements in plumbing technology, we can actually replace your Orangeburg pipes without digging a giant trench throughout your property. Trenchless sewer replacement only requires a comparatively small hole dug at each end of the pipe, speeding the process up and also keeping the costs affordable.

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