4 Ominous Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Failing

undefinedNo home comfort appliance lasts forever, as much as we would like them to or as sturdily they are made. Your air conditioning system is no exception, with a limited lifespan of when it reaches the end, it’s a good idea to have the system replaced before it suffers from a total shut down.

There’s not much worse than being trapped in your home on a hot day—when your cooling system is most likely to accumulate stress that will cause it to malfunction—with no immediate relief in sight as you rush to schedule air conditioning repair in Blackfoot, ID or shop for a new system altogether. Plus, during the final months, your dying air conditioner will waste money through inefficient performance.

Is Your AC Struggling?

Our goal is to help you learn the signs of a struggling air conditioner, so that you know when it’s time to replace. It’s far more convenient to replace a system when it still has a bit of service life in it rather than wait until it’s malfunctioning every other month. In order to prevent an AC emergency and upgrade your air conditioner as soon as possible, we recommend reading the following 4 ominous signs that a struggling AC system gives off.

1. Your Cooling System is Old

Your air conditioning system’s manufacturer sets a service life estimate for it—almost always the period that your warranty covers. Generally speaking, a central AC system that undergoes moderate use and is well cared for will last from 10 to 15 years. Any system older than this is a definite candidate for replacement.

2. Noisy Operation

One of the great things about modern AC systems is that they have been designed to be a lot quieter than systems of the past. So, if you notice loud sounds coming from your AC that you’ve never heard before, it means something is amiss. One odd noise probably warns of a small repair issue. However if you’re consistently hearing grinding and/or clanging, then your system is likely wearing down and is about ready to be upgraded.

3. Spike in Utility Bills

An air conditioner that receives routine maintenance from a professional should retain about 95% of its energy efficiency rating throughout its entire service life. When it nears the end of that service life, however, this efficiency drops. As a result, your utility bills will likely rise. Analyze your cooling bills for the past few years. Has there been a consistent upward trend? Then your AC may be aging, and failing.

4. Increasing Repair Costs

It’s rare that you’ll invest in an air conditioning system that never needs repairs. However, there comes a time where your cooling system requires repairs that are expensive enough to make it no longer worthwhile to keep the system—the repair issues will continue to happen, and a full system breakdown is likely.

But what’s too expensive? As a general rule, it’s safe to say that if your next AC repair is going to cost you over half of what it would cost to buy a new AC system, then it makes more economical sense to buy the new system.

Whether you need a hefty repair to your AC system or you’re ready to upgrade to a newer unit, trust the company that raises the standard for great service—Advanced Home Services. Contact us today!