Duct Cleaning


Keeping your entire home clean can be difficult when you have high shelves and ceiling fans, grout between the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and tough–to–reach spots underneath the furniture. However, if you’ve got the right cleaners and tools, you can manage to get most of your home as spot–free as possible—but only the components of your home you can see.

The air ducts are behind the walls and over your head in the attic or crawlspaces, and they may be full of a number of contaminants, layers of dust, or large debris. Your standard vacuum cleaner cannot remove all of the contaminants within, nor is it easy to take apart the ducts and clean them. In fact, attempting to clean them on your own may worsen your indoor air quality. Trust air duct cleaning to your local Idaho Falls indoor air quality experts: call Advanced Home Services today!

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Contaminants Found in the Ductwork

Although you may have an air filter in place, it still may not be sufficient enough to prevent dust and contaminants from settling in the ducts. The filter can only stop particles up to a certain size from entering into the HVAC system. And dust can always get into the ducts from the vents in your home. Additionally, moist conditions within the air handler of your HVAC system may make it easier for mold to develop or for some forms of bacteria to thrive. It is also possible that your ducts are home to larger debris or even waste left behind by animals who made their way into the ducts by accident.

Cleaning Air Ducts: A Job for Professionals

No matter what particles are within your home’s ducts, the most important thing is that you trust a professional to clean it out. Unfortunately, there have been many instances of scam artists across the country claiming to be air duct cleaners, while actually doing little–to–nothing to clear out your ducts. And when an amateur attempts to clean the ducts, they may actually make matters worse, loosening the debris so it is easier for it to move into your living space. Be sure you’ve chosen experts for air duct cleaning, and do not accept duct cleaning service from a door–to–door salesperson. Call our experts instead!

Your Idaho Falls, ID Duct Cleaning Specialists

Call the ductwork cleaning specialists on our team today. We have all of the right tools for the job, ensuring that your ducts are sanitized so that you can see your indoor air quality improve. This service can reduce instances of illness among your family members, and it can make life a little easier for people in the house with allergies or asthma. Get rid of bacteria, viruses, pet dander, pollen, and even mold spores when you call our experts. Advanced Home Services is a trusted name in home services throughout the Idaho Falls area, and we want to become your go–to source for air duct cleaning and more.