Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology in Idaho Falls

If you’ve ever seen a home that’s having work done to repair or replace its water line and sewer line—or if you’ve had to have this work done for your home—then you will have a good idea of what a large undertaking it is, and what a mess it can make of the property around the house. Large digging equipment must tear open a trench across lawns and gardens, sometimes breaking up walkways and paths, to access the buried sewer or water line. The process requires a few days of work and makes the area around the home look like an archaeological dig.

However, this is no longer the only way to have repairs and replacement work done on the buried piping for a home. Thanks to trenchless technology, you can have these jobs completed fast and with limited damage to your lawns and gardens. Not all plumbers offer this service in Idaho Falls, ID, but Advanced Home Services does. The next time you need sewer line repairs or replacement, give our trenchless technology experts a call and they will see that you receive fast and clean work.

Do you need sewer repairs or replacements in Idaho Falls, ID or the surrounding areas? Contact Advanced Home Services and let us use trenchless technology to get the job done.

What Is Trenchless Technology?

Instead of digging a large trench to expose a pipe, trenchless technology uses lateral techniques to approach the problem from the side. There are a number of methods of employing trenchless technology; the type most often used for homes consists of using a hydraulic device attached one end of the pipe to draw a pipe liner through from the other end. The only digging necessary to do this is to excavate either one or two small holes to access the ends of the pipe. Once the hydraulics have set the pipe liner into place, a device called a pipe burster is pulled through the pipe, causing the pipe liner to expand and shatter the old pipe surrounding it. The pipe liner now replaces the old pipe, and the technicians only need to fill in and re–landscape one or two small pits to restore the property to the way it was before. The whole process takes a few hours, rather than days, to complete.

Advanced Home Services Offers Trenchless No Dig Services in Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ammon, Shelley, Blackfoot, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Sugar City, Driggs & Victor

Not every plumbing service has the training or the equipment to handle trenchless "no dig" work for homes. But at Advanced Home Services, we are proud to offer this excellent trenchless technology service for homes in Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. Call us today to find out more about how we can make your pipe repairs and replacements much easier.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

A place where trenchless technology is invaluable is for replacing an aging or broken sewer line. If you have an older home, your sewer line is probably made of outdated material like galvanized steel that will eventually corrode and create serious problems. Thanks to trenchless technology, you can have the problems fixed fast and with minimal hassle.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless technology is also useful for making smaller repairs to your home’s sewer system. Using pipe liners drawn through the damaged sewer line with trenchless equipment, our technicians can seal up breaks along the pipe quickly and effectively.

Pipe Relining

When your sewer line is failing, you could hire another plumber to dig up a huge stretch of your property and spend days digging up and replacing the sewer line. Or you can call us, and we will use trenchless technology for pipe relining. We use machinery to feed a new deflated pipe lining through your old failing pipe, effectively creating a new secure sewer line.